Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Saw is Back: Texas Chainsaw in 3D

In 1974 Sally Hardesty survived the cannibalistic family from Texas. After a night of hell she was still alive. When her brother Franklin and three others were massacred, her demise seemed all but certain. Sally was tortured in ways that today's films could accurately portray.

That's where the new Chainsaw Massacre movie picks up. Not after part 2, or part three, or the next generation. It doesn't pick up where the newest movies took us in the 2000's. This is the part that excites me: It picks up right where the '74 movie left off.

I have been anxiously awaiting the remake of Carrie, which I hope follows its original storyline. The Chainsaw Massacre isn't a remake of the 74 movie like I originally thought. The fact that it is a continuation of the original movie sells it for me.

The odds are pretty good that I will like this film. I loved the original, and I thought both the remake and the prequel were awesome. The fact that the story seems like it could be real, and the characters seem as though they're people you might know. It drives this story and gets miles out of it too.

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