Sunday, October 13, 2013

The BBA Whisperers and STGRB

The Bird and the Feather Flock Together

There seems to be a never ending circle of cyber warfare with authors. I'm not sure who's getting paid, but I'm next to positive that someone is. On one hand you have what at first seems to be random trolls, however you'll soon find that they're in a group. That group has changed it's name several times in the last six months, but they currently call themselves the BBA Whisperers.

What They Do and How They Do It

They look for readers who respond to a review. Anyone who's read this blog for any length of time knows that they didn't find me through my responding to a review. That is how they find their victims though. Then they associate you as quickly as possible to a anti-bullying site called STGRB. I have had the chance to speak with tons of indie authors who've experienced the wrath of the trolls. The thing I realized was that 90% of them would be an emotional wreck if they had nowhere to turn. Not only do they have somewhere to turn, but the Whisperers are driving them to STGRB.


The site appears to be what one thinks it is at first glance, but once you see they're accepting donations, and you realize the trolls are dying to associate you with them, it all starts to look a little strange. You donate your money to a site that is designed by name to stop the Goodread bullies. They appear to be defending other writers who've been treated the way they'd been. In the end they're just turning the never ending cycle of cyber bullying of indie authors. Why would they want the thing to end? They're being paid for looking like they want to stop the Goodread bullies. This thing is a cycle of torture for indie authors that STGRB doesn't want to see end. 

The BBA Whisperers

These trolls are clearly the evil in the whole thing. They're coming after indie authors, or in my case an indie reviewer, and they'll try to classify you with the STRGB as quickly as possible. They're like politicians in the way they appear to hate one another, but they're the same thing (Trolls), and their agenda is to keep this whole thing going. It's more lucrative than their own writing careers. I'm not saying a few of them aren't making a buck, but it's obviously it's not as lucrative as driving out other indies. Some are doing it to eliminate the competition. That has been made clear several different times. The BBA Whisperers and STGRB might not actually know they're on the same team, and if that's the case then the donations are the bulk of the money they're getting. Which would bring me to this question. If you're not getting paid for this, how could you devote so much time and effort into the thing?

Answer: They're getting paid to derail indie authors.

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