Sunday, July 7, 2013

Under the Dome - Stephen King

I have really gotten into the mini series Under the Dome. It's one of about half of Stephen King's books I have yet to read. I'm a huge fan of Stephen King and have liked most all of the books I've read. The movies made from his work have been more 50/50. Anyone who's watched Maximum Overdrive knows what I mean.

The Stand was made into a mini series like Under the Dome. For its time it was pretty good, but one would get much more out of the book. If that is the case with Under the Dome then it will be completely awesome. I have enjoyed the first two weeks of the mini series and the whole storyline has moved Under the Dome up the "to read" list.

I have no doubt that King makes these characters come to life in the story. Like the Stand the emotional investment with the characters are minimal in the two television mini series. I can see where several of the main characters would be interesting to read about. The storyline moves the mini series and not so much the characters, and it does it very well. I know the book will be guided by the characters and they'll all come together and unite the way they did in The Stand.

There's little doubt that the book is better, but my Monday nights are spoken for until this thing is over.

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